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2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium, can also be shipped into Cuba

USD $ 22.000,00

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Price: $22,000
Year: 2017
Mileage: 8,300
Number of Cylinders: 8
Make: Ford
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Mustang
Body Type: Fastback
Trim: GT Premium 
Engine: 5.0L 
Title: Clear
Drive Type: FWD
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Exterior Color: White Platinum
Interior Color: Black 

The car is already registered at the gate way port of virginia USA with all documents and license.

The car can equally be shipped into Cuba at anytime using the Diplomatic shipping headlines depending on the buyers desire to cooperate.

The car can be shipped in to Cuba through a means called diplomatic shipping system. Because i am a diplomat in the US Embassy of Cuba, as a diplomat fully recognized by US and Cuban government top officials, i have a certificate of authorization to ship a product in to Cuba under the private diplomatic shipping system from the government of the United States.

To begin this process, the buyer interested in getting the car in to Cuba, must obtain two key documents in his or her name which must be available to easily make me legalize the vehicle in his name in cuba . These two documents are:


NB: If these documents are not in buyers name, there are no possibilities to legalize the car in cuba therefore there is no need of importing the car on my own part for it is of no use to both parties.
This is because the buyer is requested to pay for a safety or security container rental fee and also container inspection which shall be checked at the port of Bahamas at a price of 1200$.

After the buyer has confirmed the payment, the shipping agency shall take over with the importation to cuba while i shall clear the vehicle from the port of Havana when it arrives. This process is discreet and must be followed exactly the way i want it just the right and legit way for it to be legal and not illegal like those who smuggle in to Cuba, get caught and arrested for violating the laws without proper permission and their cars seized at the ports.

If you need to ship in to Cuba, this is the only private legal means to use because some people will tell you of shipping in to Cuba by smuggling which leads to insecurity and 98% uncertainty for your goods to openly get in to Cuba, i must advise you all don\'t get yourselves involve for the Diplomatic shipping system is the one and only perfected authorized means to ship in to cuba and i as a director is here to give you this alert so as to guide you pretty well.

We all know cuba has been banned from shipping or transportation for over 60 years today. But You know since the hurricane flood happened in Cuba, it destroyed the US embassy In Cuba and other government infrastructures,so the building material products and construction vehicles such as rods,caterpillars, excavators, forklift, trucks, etc that were transported from the US to Cuba to rebuild government commercial buildings and organizations such as the embassy and other building facilities that were victimized, The projects were handled by the ACEE Construction company in USA with enough assistance from its workers assigned by its Directors and links from some Diplomats that were accurately assisting in assembling materials to rebuild the embassy so as for the diplomats to resume their working post and running government affairs, due to our assistance as Diplomats and that of Directors, the government proposed to offer some Diplomats a private shipping authority in to cuba as a reward, and this was not a news to be read over the Televisions, Radios or News papers since shipping into cuba still remains illegal and only the Diplomats have the legal way to ship into cuba without awareness of the public.

What i do is, when the car gets to Cuba, during the license registration process to legalize the car in cuba according to the cuban government offices,we shall privately hold a meeting to negotiate with top cuban government officials presenting my documents of DIPLOMATIC AUTHORITY SHIPPING SYSTEM to gain their approval for the car to be registered under the cuban licensing law , and after completing the procedures, the car ownership documents will be transferred to your name as a gift from me. I will also give you one week as guarantee to test the car around Cuba so as to confirm its legality and car properties if perfect as arranged before you pay me for the car either by installment or fully.

And as we ship any car into cuba using the Diplomatic shipping system in which the car is being transported in to Cuba on behalf of the buyer, we usually pay a tax called Diplomatic shipping tax to maintain the authority of shipping anything in to cuba, until now i have an authorized certificate of Diplomatic shipping system to ship any car in to Cuba. No person has the link to do this without an authorized support.

To begin this process, the shipping experts offers containers for rentals and each rent per container costs $ 850 with a container inspection fee of $ 350 which equals $1200 billed for the buyer to pay as mentioned above.


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